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Interrupting blog for afternoon of good music

The Ayslum

Just off to Birmingham to listen to Danny Wright play live. It’s been a while as dates and venues were not always compatible with my diary. Still should be amazing as he is a fabulous singer songwriter & a nice person too!

Brad O Neil stepped in at short notice to kick start the afternoon & his voice was silky & very listenable too. He sang a mixture of his own songs & some covers of famous songs. The Lunafall Band followed with a solid performance of their own songs that included some of their early work. Rumour has it that new material is shortly to follow so some of those songs have had their last airing so to speak. The Hyde Project kept the crowd entertained despite some technical issues & being a band member short due to unforeseen circumstances. Must have been a performers worse nightmare but the guys handled it with humour so all was good.

having a natter & a photgraph

Then Danny & his band took to the stage & gave an energetic performance of some of my most favourite of all his songs but also included some two new songs which are shortly to be released. Can’t wait! He really is great on stage & the banter between band members also added to the show.

I am nearly at the end of recording the events of the 2018 road trip which is great as after I get back from Reading Music festival we are due to hit the road again. This year however I hope to blog as we go. Internet connection permitting!

When the Internet Gods Smiled

One of the random challenges that I was set included me finally making the powers that be connect our rural bit of England to the world wide web with fibre rather than copper cable. I may live in a 17th century house but this does not mean I wish to live the same lifestyle as I have online bills to pay! The Apple shop staff used to recoil with disbelief when I told them we could only get about 1 meg of download speed (& then only when it wasn’t raining).

I had lobbied via Twitter which did produce engineers & sympathy but not a lot really happened until this week. About a fortnight ago I got chatting to a man with a van on the village green who implied that it was indeed the plan to make fibre connections live.

Seems my incessant moaning finally had bore fruit as sure enough the internet provider was now able to offer me 100meg minimum download. I almost wept with the sheer joy of the prospect of using more than one device at a time & minimal buffering on catch up tv. I could have hugged the salesperson who talked me through the contract – it was like he was singing a love song to me!

So the connection is now arranged and I could let my neighbour who set the challenge know that they too could now connect. Not sure I should really claim it but I won’t tell if you don’t.