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Still singing Drive4 Denise

I am now nearly a year into retirement & still my song Drive4 Denise still brings me joy. It has now travelled over 9,500 miles of road trip in USA not to mention plays in the car or dog walks at home in the UK.

Collaborating with Danny Wright (up & coming pop punk musician from UK) was fun as despite the age difference we share a similar taste in music. Ostensibly the song he wrote for me called Drive (4 Denise is about a road trip but the metaphor relates to approaching the ‘sunset years’ but not in a passive way. One of the lines of the song is about ‘making memories some more to keep’ & this I have been endeavouring to do this year & hopefully latest blog reflects this.

In sharing my song I hope it may make those who listen feel as motivated as I do to take up & overcome what ever obstacles they may face.