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A Day out, Drains & DIY Dentistry

Lockdown life seems now to have begun to put strain on even the most resilient of folk myself included. Cravings for putting on nice clothes & eating out seem to be gripping even the biggest homebody amongst us.

Given my penchant for road trips when hubby mentioned he needed a drain cover I leaped at the chance to drive out to get it. My daughter thought it would be fun to come along for the ride & so we found ourselves whizzing along the motorway singing our favourite tunes at loud volume. Even the torrential rain didn’t dampen our spirits & as we neared our destination we spied a drive through Starbucks that was actually open.

You may recall from a blog or two ago my experiences at builders merchants haven’t always been positive but in comparison this place oozed with enlightenment. Weaving around performing a sort of strange socially distanced dance around trying avoid poking an eye out on a protruding pipe or come within ‘spitting distance’ of one another in order to place a heavy metal grating securely inside my car was bordering on comical. Left me wondering if I should have filmed it for Tik Tok?

Feeling buoyed up we retraced our steps & drove to the Starbucks to join the queue, excitement building as we crept towards the board displaying all the delights on offer. Ordering & eating out alone in Fort Lauderdale pre lockdown hadn’t felt difficult yet as I feebly tried to enunciate my order clearly to a speaker on a stick in a Swindon carpark it felt I was participating in some terrible ordeal.

a ruby flamingo frappucino

Having recently broken a front tooth I was grateful for the degree of anonymity of remote ordering. Under Lockdown rules unless you are in imminent danger of exsanguination or asphyxiation all appointments are off.

Home application of a precarious dental patch in place I reeled off the order for a tooth friendly non toasted cheese toastie & included several abortive attempts to pronounce my daughters choice of beverage correctly. I imagined the servers eyeballs rolling in her sockets at my oratory failings but quicker than you can say ‘ruby flamingo frappuccino’ our meal in a bag was ready.

Paid & parked we sat in the carpark tucking into the goodies watching the queue ebb & flow in front of us. Feeling almost high with the fact we had ‘eaten out’ & my tooth was still in tact we drove on to complete the mission to deliver a dozen eggs & potted herbs to my son & his partner.

As I write & despite careful eating I am on my second go at DIY dentistry with no real idea of when a professional one will be possible. I consider myself fortunate that as a former nurse who keeps a comprehensive first aid kit I actually had some of the repair product recommended by the dentist.

However the repair was not straight forward and way off what the product is properly intended to do. It certainly wasn’t to be found in any You Tube videos on home dentistry I came across (who knew this was such a thing) & was in a position to order more of the stuff in case of further need. In light of this discovery I regret missing the opportunity of making a potentially viral video involving the use of icing tools doubling up as dental probes.

All joking aside this has planted the niggling notion that there may be a great number of others less able being left to cope with simple yet troublesome medical issues that left will be much harder to fix.

So I bid you all adieu & say safe.

Looking out for Luscious Lockdown Locks

I have previously mentioned my annoyance of a Facebook post where a friend in renouncing hair dye in favour of ‘going gray’ chose to add a clip insinuating anyone choosing not to ditch the dye were ‘letting the sisterhood down’. To me this sent an underlying implication that older women really shouldn’t colour their hair & should feel guilty for doing so.

I don’t see red often but this made me seethe leading me to comment angrily back & find I was not the only one to feel irritated. Interestingly the backlash comments essentially agreed that women often are made to feel guilty about their life choices & this was simply another they didn’t need. To my mind women should be able to wear their hair in what ever style & colour they wish regardless of age.

For the record I have long messed about with the style & colour of my hair from packet colours & perms in the 8o’s to more vibrant hues of late. In my aggrieved state I engaged my hairdresser & ideas from Pinterest to find me a suitably outrageous colour scheme that resulted in a bleached white & neon green colour combo. I will leave you to decide whether it remains my favourite style because it was the first of several statement hair colours or the number of compliments from random young men it attracted!

For me sassy hair equates to sassy attitude & my hairdresser Luke has been a great my partner in creative crime. Bold colour combos helping me personally conquer the fear (mentioned last blog) that seems ready to loom large leading many to cave into conformity.

Societal ‘judgy attitude’ towards older women has long been around as experienced pre lockdown visiting a builders merchant to purchase lime mortar. The middle aged male perpetrator clearly thought he was entitled to make offensive hair based comments to me if delivered in a ‘pseudo jokey’ style despite the fact that he did not offer the same sort of remarks to the the man in front of me. Still I plaster walls I am made of stern stuff & have long been trying to build immunity to this sort of abuse. Although it seems that a well placed comment on their Facebook page regarding their customer policy was justified. Especially as the same assistant was very circumspect when I returned a few days later for more supplies.

What a great contrast though later that week on purchasing a sandwich in a different shop. The young male cashier serving me not only told me my hair was cool but engaged in a conversation about the pro’s & cons on bleaching. Certainly made sure I Tweeted a shout out to his company on what a great customer experience could be had in that store. So I live in hope that times are slowly a changing.

Lockdown brought cancellation of salon visits for many for the foreseeable future posing the dilemma of what to do instead. Well for starters forget panic buying toilet rolls I opted instead to send my daughter on a foray for bleach & hair dye!

Then step two of the plan to get luscious lockdown locks get her to bleach & colour your hair – simples.

You can watch the experience if you are brave enough!

Until next time – Stay safe fellow readers where ever you are.