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feeling wired in more ways than one!

When something goes bang, a light goes out & the fuse box trips you know instinctively all is not well. Sure enough when the attempts to reset the fuse box fail, further investigations are required. Armed with tools & a testing gadget hubby was on a mission to discover the root cause of the problem. We live in an house that dates from 1686 so repairing things is really just part of our daily life.

Floor near the ‘Prison Room’

Well the detective work revealed the need to have the whole house rewired. If lockdown wasn’t trying enough we were now being forced to embark on the largest game of furniture Tetris, as carpets had to come up along with floor boards. Holes appeared in walls along with a lot of noise, dust & swearing.

My Office Partially Painted

My role in all of this mainly involves jiggling bits of wire when asked & making copious amounts of strong tea. Then re-plastering & decorating when the chaos moves on through the house. All would have been simple if it weren’t for the fact that the maintenance work on the holiday let also needed doing. With the prospect of UK staycation demand going through once the restrictions lift then the need to divert my decorating skills become imperative. So I am now to be found wielding a paint brush for all I’m worth. Whiles away a few hours and I do get to play my music loud & sing along to my hearts content so its not all bad.

My new garden ornament

Somewhere in the middle of all the mess I managed to escape into the garden after it had snowed & caught a photo of my new garden ornament. I’m not normally given to liking many garden trinkets but this caught my eye on a trip to buy seeds at a local garden centre. The centre has a solar bulb inside which oscillates through a sequence of colours once its dark. I did wonder about that feature but its actually quite a gentle, soothing sort of thing so I am quite pleased with it.

The darts matches continue with me gaining a high score of 120 made up of treble 15 & two bulls eyes worth 25 & 50. Happy Days. I am still managing to squeeze in a bit of guitar practice here & there so that’s good. Indeed I am still kickstarting the day with a walk followed by a workout which recently saw the addition of large elastic band things to ring the changes from weights. At this rate we will be able to open our own yoga/gym with the amount of kit we now seem to have lying around!

So I wish you all well, stay safe & think of me dangling from a ladder somewhere with a pot of paint until next time.

Lockdown lizard feet plus music

The danger of being let loose shopping without your glasses is that you end up with a few surprise purchases, one of which was a 90minute foot peel in a bag. Perfect opportunity I thought to give this a go while settled to watch the latest Basement Noise featuring Zack’s set list.

alt="close up of base guitarist"
Zack Merrick All Time Low

The All Time Low boys were on form, the music was fab & my feet initially felt really soft & silky. It wasn’t however until I actually read the packet I realised that this was far from a gentle foot moisturising treatment but one designed to strip dead skin! Next few days saw me shedding a lizard like trail of scaly stuff all over the place every time I took my socks off. As the home pedi packets were on a 3 for 2 it will be interesting to see what my feet get to endure when the next Basement Noise streams at the end of the week!

alt="cameras on tripods in foreground in woodyard barn"
Covid Safe Recording Session

Way before lockdown was even contemplated I rashly applied to get involved with a charity fund raising event that essentially was organising some live music in a pub. However by the time the selection process got underway, lockdown was looming forcing other options had to be considered. Two of us were introduced and together we set up a digital fundraising event that put us in a good place to explore what else was possible digitally. A few zoom calls later & we were involved in a pilot scheme in August that went remarkably well all challenges considered so we were keen to participate in a larger event.

alt="musician sat with acoustic guitar ready to play"
Digital Live Stream Pilot

As I write the culmination of many months work is currently playing online and I for one am proud of my small contribution in making it happen. The musicians who have taken part have been really great & it has been fantastic to watch their performances from some creative yet covid safe locations. In addition I have gathered a fair few skills along the way too which is always a bonus. So as the somewhat wild digital ride comes to an end who knows what will be next for me to get involved in. Never mind a lockdown life round here is seldom dull for long it seems.

alt="me sat in my office ready to play my electric guitar"
Practice Time

In the gaps between doing digital stuff I have been filling my time creatively with writing & playing my guitars. I probably have mentioned my guitar teacher has the patience of a saint given he has to endure me plucking away & murdering songs merrily as I go but I’m grateful as I really find playing a great way to escape mentally at the moment. 

Wishing everyone as stress free time as possible as the festive season approaches & you all stay as safe as you can.