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Feeling Crazy lets not waste it!

Having realised I no longer needed so many tangible things as presents I was delighted when my hubby agreed to sponsor an up and coming singer songwriter to pen a song for me as a Christmas gift. Collaborating with Danny Wright was fun and Drive (4Denise) was born. Needless to say this was top of the playlist compiled for the road trip and formed the inspiration for the newly acquired desire for a tattoo. My daughter was a little aghast as she thought I was going to have one done whilst away but I reassured her that it would take a bit of research to find the right design and artist to achieve it. However this did not stop me from beginning the process with a henna ‘trial run’ curtesy of an artist on site at the festival. On first listen you could be forgiven for thinking the song is just about a road trip but the hidden metaphor is that of someone heading off towards the ‘sunset time’ of their life with all the challenges that can bring & how to deal with it. 

Bloggers Log

Drive (4 Denise)

Having found myself approaching early retirement felt that despite having been a wife, mother & nurse I was rapidly being dismissed from society. This sense of growing invisibility was shocking & prompted the need to take stock. A chance meeting let to the opportunity of having a song written for me by Danny Wright (an up & coming pop/punk artist from the UK).

Collaborating with Danny Wright was fun as despite the age difference we share a similar taste in music. Ostensibly Drive (4 Denise) is about a road trip but the metaphor relates to approaching the ‘sunset years’ but not in a passive way. The song is a regular playlist favourite on my various travels bringing me joy and encouragement to face what happens next. In sharing it here I hope it may make those who listen feel as inspired as I do to take up & accomplish what ever challenges they may face.