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Still singing Drive4 Denise

I can hardly believe this is the second year of retirement & so much has happened. Three USA road trips & lots of festivals & gigs. Not to mention random hair colours! This year promises more of the same but with a few challenges in light of the impending pandemic so who knows what will happen.

Collaborating with Danny Wright (up & coming pop punk musician from UK) was fun as despite the age difference we share a similar taste in music. Ostensibly the song he wrote for me called Drive (4 Denise is about a road trip but the metaphor relates to approaching the ‘sunset years’ but not in a passive way. One of the lines of the song is about ‘making memories some more to keep’ & this I have been endeavouring to do this year & hopefully latest blog reflects this.

In sharing my song I hope it may make those who listen feel as motivated as I do to take up & overcome what ever obstacles they may face.

When the Internet Gods Smiled

One of the random challenges that I was set included me finally making the powers that be connect our rural bit of England to the world wide web with fibre rather than copper cable. I may live in a 17th century house but this does not mean I wish to live the same lifestyle as I have online bills to pay! The Apple shop staff used to recoil with disbelief when I told them we could only get about 1 meg of download speed (& then only when it wasn’t raining).

I had lobbied via Twitter which did produce engineers & sympathy but not a lot really happened until this week. About a fortnight ago I got chatting to a man with a van on the village green who implied that it was indeed the plan to make fibre connections live.

Seems my incessant moaning finally had bore fruit as sure enough the internet provider was now able to offer me 100meg minimum download. I almost wept with the sheer joy of the prospect of using more than one device at a time & minimal buffering on catch up tv. I could have hugged the salesperson who talked me through the contract – it was like he was singing a love song to me!

So the connection is now arranged and I could let my neighbour who set the challenge know that they too could now connect. Not sure I should really claim it but I won’t tell if you don’t.

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