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Flying through the Air with the greatest of ease

The latest challenge was to have a go on Velocity 2 the longest zip wire in Europe. (see full video on wtfimu2n You Tube channel) For the most parts this sort of thing doesn’t really present me with the jitters as the adrenaline rush & sense of fun far outweighs the risk.

I was surprised that many seemed fearful of such an experience. It’s interesting to me where these fears come from and why we find particular things more scary than others. Age seems to bring with it a fearfulness that can overwhelm a person if it’s allowed to.

Pushing the personal boundaries at any age seems to be a positive thing to try what ever your age and especially as you grow older. Yes important to be mindful of health & I would not advocate that people take unnecessary risk but what troubles me is that some people are willing to close the door, batten down the hatch & retreat from the outside world to stop themselves from doing even the most simple things such as going on holiday.

Chatting with a friend over a cup of tea it seemed I was not alone in being somewhat horrified that some of our contemporaries were ‘giving in’ to the sense that they for some unfathomable reason no longer do certain things.

My advice is to get out there and embrace what ever challenges come your way. Meanwhile Im packing my small rucksack & heading for a music festival.

Mucking about on a Munro

Its been many years since I donned hiking boots to do some serious hiking but one of the wtfimu2n challenges was to ” visit the Old Bailey or do a Munro”. As I had already spent a day at the London courts as a public observer when on a school visit some years ago the Munro had much more appeal.

Packed the car along with hubby & dog and set off for the Scottish Highlands. March is possibly a tricky time to go as the weather as we found can be fickle however we did manage to get out and about.

Munro were graded some years ago and Ben Nevis is the highest followed by Ben Macdhui. We started by going up Cairn Form (6th highest) and if the weather had been better would have done the two in a day but we had to split the ascents as the conditions were not ideal the first day.

When ever walking wearing good kit helps and as we discovered the good old map and compass a definite must. For those who have never experienced the feeling of satisfaction from climbing to the top of high ground then if you get a chance do so. Nothing quite like it and if you are fortunate you get fantastic views from the summits.

I have completed the Three Peaks of Yorkshire some many years ago when my then new boyfriend persuaded his naval colleagues to let me come on their expedition. Given the gibes & grumbles I was determined to ‘keep up with the boys’ including downing a pint or two in the pub at lunch time & taking my turn carrying the rucksack. The beer was strong & I don’t really remember the third hill much but know I was glad when we returned to the cafe to sit in the warm & massage the aching muscles. Still one of the group went on to be our best man so think we were forgiven & there we were over 30 years later still keen to go trekking up a mountain together.

Timing wise we did quite respectable times of 3 hours for Cairn Form & 5.5 for Ben Macdhui which means that I now have a bench mark for trying to go for one of the other challenges which is to do the other ‘3 Peaks in 24 hours’ namely Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike& Snowdon.

If you want to see how we did the video is over on my You Tube channel.