Routes n’ Stuff

Routes n’ Stuff

Road trip 1 started when we flew into Los Angeles from the UK travelling in a hired ford maverick van that had been converted by Escape Camper vans.  With a small gas stove, a solar powered drawer for keeping things cold together with a simple sink allowed for simple self catering camping.

It was a compact way to travel 3076 miles, use $650 of fuel and its dimensions meant it qualified as a car thus allowing us to access regular parking lots easily. We stayed at a Motel 6, Inglewood which is a clean and basic place with friendly staff that offered free shuttle from the airport and was literally a 5 minute walk to the depot where we had to pick up/drop off the van.

As we didn’t have any bathroom facilities we tended to stay at RV parks so that we had access to showers and as a first trip of this type was a good way to get experience in this style of vacation.Google maps were an essential part of the planning proving to be really accurate in both time and distance guidance so we also used this as a navigation tool via a mobile phone to assist us particularly in built up areas. Whilst you could just collect a van and wander we had specific places to get to and a deadline to keep so planning was essential. It also allowed us to control the budget and book sites to stay in advance which took the worry of trying to find places each night leaving us time to enjoy the sights.

A lead allowed us electric hook up for charging phones the bed converted into a table and seats.


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