Road Trip Routes & Information

In 2018 I was fortunate to be able to undertake two 3,000 mile road trips in the USA during which time was spent exploring new places and trying out different experiences. These have been documented in the posts and I have also tried to include details of the actual routes and costings that may be of interest to anyone contemplating similar trips in the future.

In 2019 I undertook a third trip which is also documented via the posts. previous travel adventures have been mentioned throughout the blog posts and I often refer to experiences that I have gained through my now quite extensive travels. The bags are all based on my own views and experiences and I hope that they are interesting to those who visit the site.

2020 saw a five week long trip to Asia being cancelled, me only just getting back to the UK from the USA before the first lockdown and since then travel has been really non existent.

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