Not A Normal Day at the races?

Despite the teasing that it could be administered by a vet, I recently ventured off to a local racecourse to receive my covid 19 vaccination. Given my background in nursing & amount of travel to far shores I am basically pro vaccines so why did I feel apprehensive about having this one ? I guess it stemmed from memories the only flu jab I have ever had. The reaction was so bad I refused to have any more so I felt a little conflicted but having weighed up the scientific data head ruled over heart. So I am pleased to report that it all went very smoothly and the NHS staff & volunteers did a splendid job to ensure the whole process was as quick and easy. I am pleased to report that post the first dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine I a very mild ache in the arm that resolved in a couple of hours & the slight feeling of being a bit ‘jet lagged’ for 24 hours.

So to celebrate I decided to embark on the Jillian Michaels Burn 60 workout minus the ‘surfer get ups’ because I have no desire to hospitalise myself. Hubby is winning the war with the wiring & so as I follow in his wake carrying out repairs to plaster & covering his tracks so to speak the house is gradually returning to ‘normal’.

Talking of returning to ‘normal’ it’s to be hoped that our lives in general will return to some semblance of what we probably took for granted before. I have always loved Spring watching the flowers emerge bringing colour & all things new after the gloom of winter. This year more than most they represent a glimmer of hope which is definitely a welcome sight this year.

As I sat listening to Waterparks & merging pdf documents the parallel of how weeks of lockdown seem to be merging to one bland lump was all too obvious. I was drawn to Parx due to the slightly dark, ironic humour in the lyrics of their songs & so bagging a ticket to their ‘Coming Nowhere Near You’ tour was the perfect way to punctuate weekly monotony of lockdown life.

In the next couple of weeks if all goes well then some more of the restrictions will be lifted & coffee in a cafe once more might be on the menu so to speak. Hubby & I went out on the bike for a blast around & check in on his parents. Thankfully it was a lovely warm day so we sat in the garden & was able to chat which was great for everyone. Mothers Day was unique in the way we were able to travel to a shopping mall carpark & eat burgers while chatting through the open windows. It’s occurred to me that these strange times have led to a new level of creativity on what counts as a nice day out or a treat.

Take care & stay safe until next time.

feeling wired in more ways than one!

When something goes bang, a light goes out & the fuse box trips you know instinctively all is not well. Sure enough when the attempts to reset the fuse box fail, further investigations are required. Armed with tools & a testing gadget hubby was on a mission to discover the root cause of the problem. We live in an house that dates from 1686 so repairing things is really just part of our daily life.

Floor near the ‘Prison Room’

Well the detective work revealed the need to have the whole house rewired. If lockdown wasn’t trying enough we were now being forced to embark on the largest game of furniture Tetris, as carpets had to come up along with floor boards. Holes appeared in walls along with a lot of noise, dust & swearing.

My Office Partially Painted

My role in all of this mainly involves jiggling bits of wire when asked & making copious amounts of strong tea. Then re-plastering & decorating when the chaos moves on through the house. All would have been simple if it weren’t for the fact that the maintenance work on the holiday let also needed doing. With the prospect of UK staycation demand going through once the restrictions lift then the need to divert my decorating skills become imperative. So I am now to be found wielding a paint brush for all I’m worth. Whiles away a few hours and I do get to play my music loud & sing along to my hearts content so its not all bad.

My new garden ornament

Somewhere in the middle of all the mess I managed to escape into the garden after it had snowed & caught a photo of my new garden ornament. I’m not normally given to liking many garden trinkets but this caught my eye on a trip to buy seeds at a local garden centre. The centre has a solar bulb inside which oscillates through a sequence of colours once its dark. I did wonder about that feature but its actually quite a gentle, soothing sort of thing so I am quite pleased with it.

The darts matches continue with me gaining a high score of 120 made up of treble 15 & two bulls eyes worth 25 & 50. Happy Days. I am still managing to squeeze in a bit of guitar practice here & there so that’s good. Indeed I am still kickstarting the day with a walk followed by a workout which recently saw the addition of large elastic band things to ring the changes from weights. At this rate we will be able to open our own yoga/gym with the amount of kit we now seem to have lying around!

So I wish you all well, stay safe & think of me dangling from a ladder somewhere with a pot of paint until next time.

Getting older but not giving up fight against agism in its many forms

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