My first song



Stuck in quarantine 

Others greed is so obscene 

Natures cruel & nasty trick

Making the vulnerable so sick

Standing  alone in alone in a line beware

Socially distancing to show you care

Isolation is no laugh

But we must all go down that path

Watching the world whilst on hold

Is a strange thing to behold

Who knew the new social divide 

Would be 6 feet wide

Our lives on pause for now it seems

Destroying all of our dreams

Mindsets getting blown away

Producing these crazy days

No communication in the street

Only the brave dare to speak

Its enough to make you scream

Too slow rolling out vaccines

Just hoping to get through

Regain some joy for me & you


Breathe in fresh air

Dispel that despair

Need to work on the music – will share once done

Getting older but not giving up fight against agism in its many forms

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