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This section holds the blogs that have been posted documenting the recent road trips I have undertaken along with updates of the retirement challenges that I have been set.

There & Back Again to see how far it was!

The last leg of the 3079 mile road trip involved driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles which involved a lot of driving mainly along the Highway 5.

I had planned the route using Google maps which had been calculated as 3000 miles the difference as it turned out was the unscheduled trips to the ferry terminal in San Francisco. I was duly impressed with the fact that this was incredibly accurate essential if keeping to a daily milage limit & an indication that we had not got lost en route!

Until this point we had many avoided the main roads preferring the more scenic routes but time & distance dictated the need to use the most direct means of returning to the camper & getting the flight home.

My daughter drove the first part leaving me to take over and navigate the intense traffic in LA. While she was at the wheel it allowed me to watch the world go by & mull over whether I had learned anything on our sojourn.

As it happened quite a lot of things had crossed my mind as we had roamed around. I had come to the conclusion that whilst it was fun to hang out with those much younger than me. However whilst it was immensely flattering when a young guy at the festival started dancing with me having told me he ‘loved my dance moves’ it merely reaffirmed my desire to remain young at heart not turn the clock back.

I admit to being a little taken aback at my new capacity to scrutinise some long held beliefs & revise my view point of view. It requires a degree of strength to tap into your inner self, hold your hands up & then admit to yourself that you may have been wrong or misguided. This is however a very liberating experience perhaps should be something that wider society would do well to embrace from time to time?

Personally I found the less judgemental approach of the ‘Millennials’ to be refreshing. Especially as facing impending early retirement I was finding the prospect of being ghettoised into the role of ‘pensioner’ or ‘senior’ or indeed any other of such similar terms to be deeply troubling. However it was on the second road trip of 2018 that the kernel of the idea to set up this blog started to formulate.

wtfimu2n with her new digital pencil?

Oh I’ve always loved art as you can see from the photo where I was trying a bit of traditional caligraphy in China & have dabbled on and off over the years with various things. So it made perfect sense to bring myself right up to date with a graphics package.

Painting with a finger is not a new concept as I still have a painting I created with a single digit for an ‘O’ Level however its not so easy on the finger joints this days when trying to use the same technique in a computer drawing package.

The images created for “A Song & a Tatoo are probably testiment to this & thus I treated myself to a digital pencil. I have been messing about with this & some simple animations which hopefully will improve with use. 

For the minute though here is my first attempt at animation which is very raw so try not to judge too harshly! Having learnt enough to make the image jump about a bit there is much room for improvement.

Whilst I am sure that the animators of Disney & Pixar will sleep easy every journey has to start somewhere so watch out for progress reports.

Never too old to learn something new

We Got to San Francisco with no flowers in our hair!

When I tweeted that I gave my age away a bit as not many got the reference so I hesitated to use it again – but oh well. We stayed at an rv park that had once had a shuttle into the city but when we got there that was no longer running so we took a drive to the Larkspur ferry port instead. This was fun as we whizzed across the bay, past Alcatraz to the terminal buildings.

  My daughter had been into the port before so was able to lead me to the famous Pier 39 where we visited the Biscotti shop amongst others and looked at the seals.


From there we took a trolley ride having sorted ourselves a Clipper card which got us discounted travel (which included the ferry which I wished we had found out sooner). Still we got off and had a walk around the park having decided that we would return the following day to explore further.