Lycra Cowboys & Oval Balls

In our quest to experience all things American while roaming around landing in Dallas that weekend presented the ideal opportunity to watch an American football game. Transpired during my pre trip research that Ever the Dallas Cowboys were playing the Cincinnati Bengals at home in a stadium just round the block ( or several) from the RV park. Tickets secured we gathered up our gear to head to the stadium which it seems is one of, indeed if not the newest, largest venues of its type. We foolishly took suncream & hats not realising that the entire place is fully enclosed & air-conditioned.

Much to our amusement the Lyft man was enthusiastically telling us about how the main quarter back had to be substituted & how this might affect the game. Straight over our heads sadly as we didn’t have a clue who this player was or to be really honest what his role was in the game still the driver meant well.

No Tailgate party but we did have fun

In the run up to games it seems that entertainment of varying sorts is provided & if you drive yourself you can have a ‘tailgate party’. Think from the description this was like when in the UK we took a picnic in the car to watch the local polo matches with friends. As we had no vehicle we just made do with wandering around the various stalls & having a go at the competitions. One star necklace, two towels & a clear plastic bag later we were all set to go in.

Our seat was ‘way up in the gods’ but still we got a good view & the enormous screens ensured we could see even if we still didn’t get what was going on really clearly.

I admit I totally loved what seemed like the happy family atmosphere of the event with spectators of both teams interspersed. If there was any animosity it wasn’t evident from where we watched & even afterwards the crowds seemed friendly.

Dem Boys in Lycra

My only previous knowledge of such games came from watching American films so I was totally baffled by the number of players & the sort of complicated sort of rules that seem to go with the game. It wasn’t until afterwards I realised that the team can be up to 55 players each of whom may have a unique skill set to offer & hence why the 11 players on the field kept changing. Likewise the need to be tightly wrapped in lycra with body armour became apparent as the play progressed, the wild cheering & waving when the oval ball moved a few feet was astonishing.


We waved our towels with gusto taking our cues from those around us having decided from the off that we were supporting the Cowboys. Seems like we backed a winner as they completed a move to secure a victory in the last 3 seconds of the game.

During the day we had sampled more cheesy nachos & the largest Margarita cocktail before treating ourselves to some of ‘demand boys’ merch.

The oversized hoodie is now a firm favourite of mine not just because it brings back memories of a great day out but it is super soft, warm & comfy to wear. Not sure if I will ever get to see them play live again or if my knowledge of the game will ever amount to much but I am glad I was able to go as it was a really fun day out.

As we left the stadium & after a quick walk to Walmart for urgent supplies we joined the fray to get a car back to the RV park. It was a smart move as the wait wasn’t long & we were soon back at the bus ready to sleep before heading off on the next leg of our adventure.