Oh for Forks sake not a werewolf or vampire to be seen.

From Astoria we went in search of Ruby Beach but ended up on a small misty cove where the weird rock formations and sea sounds conspired to make the place feel very spooky. This was pertinent because we were nearing ‘vampire & werewolf ‘ territory. I may have been one of the small number of people who visit Forks having never watched or read the Twilight Trilogy! 

I have now rectified this certainly looking back the location was a good fit for the stories. We drove through & noted a couple of the places used for the films.

One thing you can say about the Olympic National Forest is that there are a lot of trees! Indeed there are a number of fine specimens that have laid claim to fame for their height & girth. Mother Nature is surely at her best when you happen upon breathtaking views which we did on numerous occasions during this trip. However for me there was something spellbinding about the large trees whose age was great & who would have been around at the same time as many great points in human history. If only the trees could share their stories.

From Forks we headed for a lovely campsite nestled in the trees beside the water where if the weather was clear you could see the Canadian coastline. We were due to catch the ferry that would take us back towards Everett avoiding the need to navigate our way through Seattle. Sadly we didn’t have time to explore the city so it’s on the list for a look another day. 

We stayed overnight in a functional rv park to do the honours and get Bertha ready for return. We glumly drove the mile or so back to the depot to hand her back. We had driven over 3000 miles and had gained insight into some things American but it was time to head for home…….

well maybe after a quick stop in Iceland on the way back.

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