wtfimu2n with her new digital pencil?

Oh I’ve always loved art as you can see from the photo where I was trying a bit of traditional caligraphy in China & have dabbled on and off over the years with various things. So it made perfect sense to bring myself right up to date with a graphics package.

Painting with a finger is not a new concept as I still have a painting I created with a single digit for an ‘O’ Level however its not so easy on the finger joints this days when trying to use the same technique in a computer drawing package.

The images created for “A Song & a Tatoo are probably testiment to this & thus I treated myself to a digital pencil. I have been messing about with this & some simple animations which hopefully will improve with use. 

For the minute though here is my first attempt at animation which is very raw so try not to judge too harshly! Having learnt enough to make the image jump about a bit there is much room for improvement.

Whilst I am sure that the animators of Disney & Pixar will sleep easy every journey has to start somewhere so watch out for progress reports.

Never too old to learn something new

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