Eureka Moments

Quirky Architecture

The coastal road was beautiful & we wended our way along stopping where the fancy took us for food and sight seeing. Quirky architecture, odd road bridges and wildlife made the journey a memorable one. We stopped at one RV park wedged between a garage & a Harley Davidson show room. No room in the van & I think the excess baggage payments might have been a bit steep so hubby had to make do with a pair of socks & a book about Route 66 instead!

No amount of folding will make it fit!

Seals & scenery aside it was a long drive down the coast & despite the overnight stops it was good to get to the outskirts of San Francisco where we planned to stay for a few days to have a break from the driving.

Chasing the milk tanker

From Portland we headed for the coast and set a course for San Francisco via Highway 101 the Pacific Scenic Highway. By now my daughter was really on board with driving the wagon through small towns & navigating twisty roads. I was really proud of how she had risen to the challenge of driving something more than twice the size of her own car although I still was duty driver for the cities. Double yellows so No overtaking here but later her confidence had grown so much that she caught up & overtook later when we got a passing lane.

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